My Body is my bible

My body is my bible.

I’ve been told that scripture and church tradition have equal theological weight. I’ve heard others retort that only scripture has any relevance to theology. I’ve seen people have never-ending debates about biblical inerrancy, whether or not infallible means the same as inerrant, and other perhaps petty things.

We use, waste (?), thousands of pages writing about other pages. We write about what the Bible says about bodies, what it says about gender, what it says about sex, but there are, as far as I’m aware, less pages written about bodies which start with bodies.

My body is my bible. 
Like the Bible it’s been written by many people. 
When I came out of my mother, the nurses wrote boy across my dick. 
When mum and dad held me they wrote Alan across my forehead. 
Some people at school carved faggot into my limp wrist. 
Others tried to bottle my voice and call it queer. 
Doctors scrawled depression on their pads, Christians glued Leviticus 18:22 to my thighs, pastors whispered their ‘redemptive’ prayers into my ears. 
All this and more is written on my body; it’s my own theological text. I may not be the author of every single word but I am the editor. I can take a red pen and cross out what doesn’t work and I can underline, circle, and highlight what I will.
True theology begins when we respect everyone as their own editor. You don’t get to take away my red pen, you don’t get to tell me what I can and cannot emphasise, I’ll insert what I want into my text, and if you write something on me I don’t want, I reserve the right to amend it, to edit it, to expand it.
I also get to tell you what my body means,
What the verse on my dick says,
What the passage on my heart tells,
What the lines on my palms impart.

My body is my bible. It’s my tradition. Your Bible can tell you about your body, but don’t use it to impose anything on mine. My bible, my body, is the text from which I pray.


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